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Nos produits

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Econo Series

Econo Series safety bars are ideal for both horizontal and vertical windows. Their design allows for easy opening for cleaning. The locking of the bar is ensured by a padlock*. Protect your home and all that is precious to you with the Econo Series.

Home Series

24/7 Home Security Home Series window guards are strong and adapt to all types of windows. The frame-integrated key locking mechanism is subtle and visually pleasing, while allowing for easy removal when needed.

HS3240 Installation Video

Quick series

Quick Series wire guards are ideal for bedroom windows that need to double as emergency exits in case of fire. While guaranteeing your family’s peace of mind, the easy-to-use quick release proves essential in case of emergency.

Door Series

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Door Series wire guards are ideal to secure doors with windows such as garage access, side or auxiliary doors, or shed doors.

Patio Door Series

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24/7’s patio door safety bar blocks the door to prevent it from being opened. When you want to use the door, the safety bar conveniently hides away by pivoting upward.

Child Safe Series

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24/7 Home Security Child Safe safety bars are the best choice for windows that are within your children’s reach. With its push-button, it’s quick and easy to open in case of emergency, while providing excellent protection against falls from heights.